Born in the UK , grew up in Paris and Monaco,she studied at Van Der Kelen art institute in Belgium andspecialised in interior decoration. She opened up herown company in the Principality in 1999.

She has always been surrounded by amazing architecture, historical buildings and the beauty of the indoor/outdoor lifestyle of the Côte d’Azur. Colors and landscape inspire her to create her schemes in textures and materials.

With her expertise and experience, she can deal with all aspects of a project according to each client’s specific requirements. While building a strong and close relationship with her clients, she guides them through the design process striving to make all her designs bespoke, unique and luxurious. She also provides a tailor made approach to material, finishes, and space optimisation.

Shelley has an extensive furniture and fabrics selection from all over Europe and the UK. Her style: warm, contemporary, chic, sober and timeless. Passionate about fabrics and wallpapers, they lead her towards the overall design.

For more information, email contact@shelleywalkerdesign.com or call +377 99 90 46 05.